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Bloga 4: Meòrachan air Seasamh na Gàidhlig an Glaschu

Bloga 4 Meòrachain air Seasamh na Gàidhlig an Glaschu Fad dà bhliadhna tha mi air a bhith an sàs le comataidh-stiùridh a tha ag amas air cùrsaichean-bogaidh a stèidheachadh ann an Glaschu, a bhios a’ teagasg (nar beachd) na dh’fheumas a bhith againn gus beàrnan ‘sa bhun-structar a lìonadh, agus ’s e sin ‘Gàidhlig AigContinue reading “Bloga 4: Meòrachan air Seasamh na Gàidhlig an Glaschu”

What It Means When a Working Class Person is Published

 “Working class” is obviously a broad term that isn’t nearly nuanced enough do describe one of many groups that are being increasingly marginalised in the arts. Associations are moving away from industrial work and manual labour. I’ve always, as far back as I can remember, identified as working class, though like most aspiring writers theseContinue reading “What It Means When a Working Class Person is Published”

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